We Asked Our Patients: What Do You Value Most, When Describing Us to Your Friends?

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The responsive, warm, personal aspect, as well as, of course, the expertise.

Barbara K. – Newton

Trust in the expert advice, not the quick fix.

Nancy B. – Brookline

Honesty, keeping up with the latest information in dentistry, making every procedure as painless as possible.

Nancy S. – Hyde Park

Dr. Maryniuk – He has a wonderful attitude.

Bertha R. – Brookline

High level of professional skill, technically advanced, courtesy, kindness, detailed information on conditions and treatment, prompt – few waits.

Dr. Susan L. – Chestnut Hil


Fun – which isn’t something I usually say about going to the dentist. Informative sessions – I always learn something new when I come.

Sandra L. – Needham


Michael L. – Brookline

Painless! Dr. M’s practice is the least stressful dental experience of my life. He does great work, it’s done gently and painlessly, and is always clearly explained. I moved several years ago, but keep coming back.

David S. – Portsmouth NH


Barbara P. – Dover

Country dentist feel, with state of the art technology, and cutting edge quality treatment.

Pam S. – Winchester

Great explanations of options when considering treatments. Guided decision-making.

Kathleen P. – Brookline

I tell people that my dentist’s office sent me flowers when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and they are always impressed. I also describe the care as excellent, and would refer everyone to this practice.

Cathi G. – Waban

Thoroughness of examinations, and pro-active approach to dental care.

David C. – Sharon

Professionalism and flexibility.

Mitch K. – Milton

Patience, punctuality, pleasantries, excellence.

Sarah J. – Cambridge

Very skillful and incredibly conscientious. Doing every step without cutting corners.

Gudrun W. – Brookline

Sole practitioner with a quiet office. Relaxed, comfortable. Excellent hygiene and support staff. Easy to schedule appointments.

Carol S. – West Newton

Above all, high quality of treatment – plus a sense of attention/concern for individual patients, and a friendly but efficient office.

Donald B. – Concord

Friendly, competent, efficient.

Reinhard F. – Cambridge

Friendly people and careful attention to details.

Dr. Don B. – Lincoln

Proactive approach. Using latest techniques.

Scott B. – Needham


Maureen L. – Bolton

Best dental care, conscientious, friendly crew. Always make the patient feel special.

Anne M. – Dorchester

I trust Dr. M to do the right thing(s).

Chuck C. – Belmont

Thorough, knowledgeable, concerned, continual attention.

Laura S. – Newton

Exceptional standard of care, availability, professionalism.

Dr. Leon N. – Brookline

Reliable care, balanced short and long term perspectives. Up to date on technology.

Mr. Jan W. – Boston

Expertise of staff.

Mary Ellen B. – Lincoln

Efficiency of service, careful and thoughtful evaluation.

Esther L. – Canton

All are so pleasant and helpful, a wonderful atmosphere! The results of your care reflect your competence.

Dr. Fruma G. – Auburndale

Extremely friendly staff, skilled dentist.

Barbara K. – Jamaica Plain

Excellent skill in work, implements latest/best dental practices/technologies, good judgment/recommendations regarding dental health, keeping me informed about each step in the treatment.

Dr. Ted V. – Carlisle

The work you do keeps my mouth healthy. If there is an emergency, I can be taken right away. I have been coming to Drs. Gold/Maryniuk for over 30 years, and have been very happy.

Agnes C. – Quincy

Caring and friendly atmosphere. Excellent dentistry.

Enid L. – Brookline

Small, caring, very professional and capable.

Patricia M. – Brookline

Small trusted first rate dental practice.

Benjamin H. – Brookline

Very well organized – excellent care. I’ve been a part of it for over 40 years.

Jonathan I. – Medfield

Competent, professional and caring.

Dr. William B. – Cambridge

The highly professional standards of Dr. Maryniuk, his assistants, hygienists and office personnel. Everybody is courteous, kind and gentle.

Dr. Herbert M. – Newton

High Quality, up to date care, friendly, relaxing environment.

Dr. Charles P. – Cambridge

Dr. M is a very competent and caring doctor.

Herbert K. – Newton

Excellent, expensive, and I’m worth it!

Lindsey L. – Somerville

High quality, skillful, state-of-the-art dentistry and personal care. I would tell them that I have been a satisfied customer for over 30 years.

Dr. Bob C. – Cambridge

High quality, responsive dentistry.

Dr. Steve A. – Chestnut Hill

Top rate dental care.

Michael G. – Newton

Meticulous, friendly.

Deborah E. – Cambridge


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