I am consistently grateful to have George Maryniuk in charge of my dental care. I’ve noted repeatedly that he’s a superb technician, an artist, and a wonderful human being.

 Dr. Maryniuk has been caring for my teeth over a number of years. Whether it’s been a matter of routine maintenance, aesthetic intervention, or emergency rescue, he’s always known what to do and has done it graciously.

Unfortunately, I’ve had two dental emergencies in which I’ve fallen first in gym class and then on the street and knocked out front teeth. In both instances Dr. Maryniuk took me in and made prostheses instantly, and then followed through over a period of months. The second instance, in which I broke my nose as well, was quite dramatic! Dripping blood I called Dr. Maryniuk from the sidewalk. He not only came immediately at 6:30 p.m. to take me back to his office, where he created and put in place a prosthesis. He thereafter delivered me personally to the Beth Israel Hospital emergency room, and remained with me there until my husband arrived a couple of hours later! I’ve never been able to thank him adequately for that attention so far above and beyond the call of duty.

Dental care, of course, isn’t always pleasant and painless. But Dr. Maryniuk has always made mine as pleasant and painless as possible. He and his staff are without exception amiable and friendly, and their cheerful good humor has made my stays in the dental chair easier to get through. I consider that in itself to be no small matter!

I’ve told Dr. Maryniuk that I salute him as my angel of mercy!

Linda C. – Weston


There is a compelling reason, or set of reasons, why my husband and I continue our twice-yearly (at least) trek from CT to be treated at this practice! Over the years we have simply not found elsewhere the level of professionalism, highest-quality care, and range of treatment options that are offered here. We also value our long history w/ Dr. Maryniuk, whom I saw when he first joined Dr. Gold’s practice. I have never had a poor office experience or anything but he best possible outcome here! (Thank you!)

Ann & Jerry L. – Wolcott, CT

When I made the transition to Dr. Maryniuk’s care , I did so on the basis of his technical expertise and seemingly endless encyclopedic knowledge. He has wisdom and experience beyond his years. As I got to know Dr. Maryniuk as a person, I discovered a very caring, compassionate and fun human being. So not only do I think that he is the best in his field, I think that he would make a terrific neighbor. I have developed a great trust in and respect for Dr. Maryniuk and his amazing staff. They are always willing to go the extra mile and do what is best for the patient. And in the scheme of like – you can’t ask for more than that. Thank you for taking such good cared of me.

Sandy L. – Needham

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Maryniuk’s for over 15 years. Every time I’ve had work done it’s been a great and remarkably painless experience. He always let’s me know what he’s doing and maps out the steps of the procedure before he starts so I know how long it will take and what to expect. I always feel that I’m in great hands with Dr. Maryniuk and his staff and feel incredibly lucky to be among his patients!

Eileen M. – Jamaica Plain

Dr. Maryniuk, Once again I’ve loved the freedom of not worrying about when is it going to hurt? Because it never has! In fact, I quite enjoy these opportunities for respite and rest with lovely music and warm and wonderfully talented Ellen and Team helping to take good, good care of me. Thank you for your skill, your gentleness and your special staff!

Jane R. – Chestnut Hill

Today, Dr. Maryniuk replaced an old filling. When I realized that I was to have an injection into my gums, I started to feel that dread. He carefully described what he was going to do, and it took me a moment before I realized he had already begun. There was virtually no sensation! When I first came in, I told him that there is no such thing as a “good” needle. But when I left, I had to tell him that it was the best I’ve ever had. He has a great touch.

Thomas N. – Melrose

Finding Dr. Maryniuk and his team has made my life a lot brighter. He was recommended by good friends who greatly encouraged me to leave my old dentist. I am ever grateful for their advice, and the kindness and fairness that has met me at this office. Forever thankful.

Karen R. – Brookline

From the needle all the way to the end, Dr. Maryniuk makes each visit painless, comfortable and pleasant. He is careful to explain each step and really takes the anxiety out of a trip to the dentist. Everyone in the office is a pleasure to see.

Heather W. – Hopkinton



“I take great pleasure in endorsing Dr. Maryniuk. He is one of the best trained and most caring dentists in the Boston area, and he and his team are always striving to improve their cosmetic and reconstructive skills. Brookline residents are truly fortunate to have such a talented dentist in their midst, since he has been changing patients’ lives for over 30 years!”

James C. Andrews D.M.D – Summerville, SC

“I am proud and fortunate to call Dr. Maryniuk a colleague, and would strongly recommend him as your dentist. His training, commitment and dedication to achieving excellence is applauded by his colleagues and many satisfied patients, and I am extremely impressed with dedication to his ongoing advanced continuing education. I refer patients to Dr. Maryniuk with confidence.”

Douglas Leigh DDS – Gardner, MA

“Fear is often the greatest impediment to seeing the dentist. For many people this fear can create insurmountable problems, and Dr. Maryniuk is the dentist with many solution. Besides his exceptional skills and personalized dedication to his patients, he offers sedation dentistry, many treatments using a laser instead of the drill, as well as financing options that will assist you in transitioning to a state of comfort and health that you did not think unattainable! Take the first step and make the call. You won’t regret it!”

Mark Doyle DDS – Redding, CA


Doctor Maryniuks’ philosophy of the “pursuit of perfection” has allowed the laboratory to be better than we were yesterday and to continuously attain the highest levels of service and technical capabilities for his patients.

His attention to detail, knowledge and understanding that “quality is not an act it is a habit” erases limitation and raises the performance levels for the patient and client.

Chuck Maragos CDT – Valley Dental Technologies – Stillwater, MN