Welcome to the Dental Office of Dr. George Maryniuk

Outstanding Patient Care. Cutting Edge Technology

Dr. George Maryniuk uses only the most durable materials and perfected dental techniques available. Because his work only has to be done once, his patients can enjoy decades of peace of mind. New smiles are created in the most beautiful and natural way.

His dental team shares his passion and enthusiasm as well. They get to know everyone personally and reserve enough exclusive appointment time to treat, explain and celebrate.

Patients are empowered to take charge of their oral health. They learn and practice effective homecare to ensure that the investments they’ve made will be functional and beautiful for as long as possible, creating smiles for a lifetime and a lifetime of smiles.

Dr. Maryniuk and his team invite you to walk in and feel the difference.

Our Triple Guarantee:

  1. Satisfaction

  2. Longevity

  3. Quality


You will be completely satisfied with our treatment. Concerns, will be addressed by adjusting, modifying or completely redoing the restoration, based on the most clinically appropriate option and your agreement. We also reserve the option of redoing a restoration that does not meet my standard of care. [Concerns need to be voiced within 30 days of placement]


This restoration is guaranteed to not break, chip, discolor or fall out for a period of 6 (six) years. Concerns will be addressed by the most appropriate method (re-cement, repair, or replace), based upon our recommendations and your agreement. [New cavities are excluded, since these are preventable with proper home care]


The quality of each restoration will exceed any professionally accepted standards for General Dentists and Prosthodontists.


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