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Solea Dental Laser – Convergent Dental

Solea is the groundbreaking dental laser that is truly changing the meaning of “going to the dentist”. The original proof of concept laser was developed at the UCSF Dental School, costing more than $500K. Convergent Dental was able to improve upon the initial design, and manufacture such a laser much more cost-effectively.

Solea is the first CO2 laser that has been cleared by the FDA to be used on both teeth and gums. Truly the first dental laser that provides the speed and precision of a dental drill, as well as an analgesic effect of low level lasers, eliminating in most cases the need for numbing.

Dr. Maryniuk:

  • Has been involved with the development of this laser since the summer of 2010
  • Is one of the first dentists to use the prototype in December 2010
  • Is 1 of 5 Beta testers who started treating patients in August 2013

Solea was introduced to the the dental profession in November 2013, and the dental world has not been the same since!

¬†Patients’ perspective of the laser experience:

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